Cultivating Future Jewish Leaders

FJL partners with Jewish communities across the globe forging an international network of ambitious and determined young Jews.



FJL is dedicated to identifying, inspiring and training a new generation of intellectually curious young Jews, providing them with the skills and confidence to be effective, committed leaders of the Jewish community and beyond.

Our Programmes

Internship Programmes

Our programmes combine professional internships with lectures from world class speakers and immersive educational experiences

What participants say

Kyle MizZoni   🇨🇦

"Going forward, I am a changed man. I am a more informed, proud, passionate Jewish person. I am proud of our history, and what Jewish people have done and continue to do for this world. I am excited to begin a more rich Jewish journey. I am forever thankful to FJL, all of the staff, and all of my new brothers and sisters for changing my life and cannot stress enough how amazing the FJL program is."

Noam Diamant   🇦🇺

"When I received my acceptance letter I was overjoyed and knew dreams were about to become reality but at the time I didn’t know my already high expectations were going to be exceeded to the extent they were."

Kate Lipton   🇬🇧

"I feel FJL helped me improve all aspects of my life - it helped me develop socially, improve my CV and learn more about Judaism. I made loads of new friends and I couldn’t recommend it more."

Ethan Karlovsky   🇺🇸

Looking back, I’ve grown so much as a person and as a Jew. If anybody else could witness and experience FJL, I would tell them to go in a heartbeat. The staff had sacrificed so much of their time to provide the greatest adventure a young, growing Jew could experience. Thank you.