Summer Internship

The FJL USA Internship offers the chance to live in Manhattan and work at outstanding placements in the fields of business, finance, law, media, journalism, politics, hi-tech, medicine and NGOs.

The international Forum for Jewish Leadership has partnered with Aish UK to bring you the FJL USA Internship.

24 June - 26 July, 2018


Open to students from top universities across the UK

*This is a heavily subsidized price. There are limited scholarships available.


Internship Hosts

For more internship information: NYC & DC

Aside from day-time internship placements, our seminar series brings together prominent professionals and  communal leaders with the group, thereby facilitating a meaningful level of engagement with Jewry’s largest and most diverse and vibrant community.

Following the four weeks in New York, the group will travel to Washington DC to meet and hear from some of the most influential policy-makers in the corridors of power who will address questions relating to the application of Judaism in contemporary public policy and the modern world.

Our renowned speakers, along with our in-house educational faculty, provide a thought-provoking analysis of Jewish perspectives on leadership and modernity offering a holistic approach to effective leadership both within the community and beyond.


Past FJL Participants

While there are many British Jews in positions of responsibility and prominence in the UK, only a handful are involved seriously at a communal level. FJL is playing an essential role in nurturing the next generation of Jewish leaders needed to strengthen our institutions and address important challenges.

Jamie Black, Pro-Israel activist, Cambridge graduate

I am now back in London and thrilled to have the FJL alumni network offering social, business and Jewish themed events. To have finished university but still have an incredible set of connections and opportunities is immensely valuable on both a personal and professional level.

Max Steinberg, Nottingham graduate, now at Talisman


Past Speakers


Deputy National Security Advisor under George W Bush (2005-09)



Professor at the NYU School of International Relations



COO of the ACEEE



Director-General of UNESCO



Writer & educator. Scholar in Residence at the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington



Global Head of HR at Bloomberg, NY



U.S. Ambassador to Czech Republic (2011-14)



Co-founder & Chairman of the Gerson Lehman Group



Executive Director & Financial Advisor of JP Morgan Securities



Director, The Lawfare Project



Executive Vice-Chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Organizations



Chief of Staff to Senator Rob Portman & for­mer President at Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock



Democratic Party fundraiser; Co-founder, No-Labels



Former Democratic Staff Director, House Budget Committee



Founder & Editor of The Weekly Standard & former Chief of Staff to Vice-President Dan Quayle



Former US Senator & Democratic nominee for Vice-President in 2000 election



Founder & Chief Executive of Third Point LLC



Chief Risk Officer of the NSA



Former Special Assistance to President Obama



Partner at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP



Founder of Steinhardt, Fine, Berkowitz & Co & Chairman of Taglit-Birthright Israel



Co-chairman of The Loews Corporation



CEO of the American Health Policy Institute & former advisor at the White House



President & CEO of the Hudson Institute



Special Advisor, U.S. Department of State & former Jewish Liaison at the White House


Frequently Asked Questions

What does an internship entail?

Each internship varies. In general terms, interns might be tasked with research, fact-checking and editing, as well as administrative tasks and further exposure to the workings of the firm and its dealings with clients. Ultimately, the internship gives one a sense of 'how New York works' and constitutes a great networking opportunity; and by adapting fast, participants can learn more and secure influential contacts for the future.

Where do participants intern?

Internships are available in a variety of sectors including business, finance, law, media, journalism, politics, hi-tech, medicine and NGOs (please see Past Intern Hosts above). All of these will be based in New York City and are an ideal opportunity to build your CV and create a prestigious experience to aid future job applications.

What else does the FJL USA Internship offer aside from work placements?

In addition to the valuable internship placement, the programme includes a seminar series, bringing participants face-to-face with high-profile figures from the banking and finance world, politicians, policy-makers, Jewish educators and communal leaders. Furthermore, when in Washington, the trip is regularly able to tour the White House and Capitol Hill. See sample itinerary above.

What is the Jewish content of the FJL Summer Internship?

The Jewish educational component involves seminars, presentations and interactive group-based discussions which will address key issues associated with Jewish philosophy and topics of contemporary significance, including the interaction of Jewish ethics, public policy, business and finance. The Jewish education is led by our in-house teachers, as well as renowned Jewish educators from the New York and Washington Area.

Are there expectations in terms of religious observance during FJL Summer Internship?

This programme is designed for all Jewish students regardless of religious beliefs or levels of observance. We will spend Shabbat together as a group which will include a Friday night service and group meals, but there are no expectations of anyone in terms of their own observance beyond that.

Is there any free time during the programme?

There will be one free weekend and Sundays are generally free. In addition, most evenings are free from 8pm.

What do participants do in the evenings?

On most days after work, there is some group activity or seminar accompanied by dinner. Thereafter, participants are free to make the most of the rest of the evening. Over the course of a week, including weekends, there are an average of 4-5 such seminars. In Washington, there will be a higher concentration of seminars.

Where do participants stay?

Participants stay at The Brownstone, a Jewish community centre in the heart of Manhattan.

Is it possible to participate on the FJL USA Internship if I will need to miss any part of the programme?

Unfortunately, we can only offer places on the FJL USA Internship subject to full participation on both the internship itself and the accompanying evening and weekend seminar series. The internship placements are relatively short as it is and, as a result, it is simply not possible for us to secure placements in the event of someone needing to miss any part of the programme due to other commitments during the dates of the programmes.

Who is eligible for this programme?

Applications are open to all Jewish students studying in the UK - or British Jewish students studying abroad - who have completed at least one year of university. FJL is aimed at hardworking, ambitious students who are passionate about making the most of themselves and the world around them. Students should be ready and committed to engage in the unique opportunities on the programme.

What should my CV include?

A CV should be no more than one page and include a broad overview of all educational achievements and relevant work experience to date, with a brief description of the nature of such work and the skills it developed. Please note that we will be forwarding your CV to our internship hosts, and that, by applying, you agree to your CV being shared with relevant third parties. We will not share your CV or application details with anyone not directly involved in the application process.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications should be submitted between Monday, 1 January and Sunday, 23 March 2018. Applications can be submitted earlier but will only be processed between these dates. Please note that competition for placements is intense and places are allocated on a rolling basis. Therefore early applications are advised.

What is the selection process to be accepted on to the programme?

Our trips are highly oversubscribed and therefore unfortunately there will be candidates who would have been accepted, but are not purely due to lack of space. Beyond that we look to identify who will gain most from FJL programming and who will be inclined to stay involved with us in the future, as well as who identifies with what we stand for. Despite not being able to offer trips for everyone, our alumni programming, which is highly regarded, is open to all and several of our most involved alumni did not attend these internship programmes previously.

How much does the summer FJL USA Internship cost?

The cost of the FJL USA Internship is £3,495. This is a subsided price and includes flights, accommodation, food, group transport and activities. The real cost of the programme is circa £5,000 but all students will receive an automatic scholarship. FJL is committed to providing access to those with leadership potential regardless of background and therefore further need based scholarships are available. Please return the completed Scholarship Application Form as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of means tested scholarship available. You can download the form above in the dates & price section.

Are there any additional costs for the programme?

Unless you are a US citizen you will need to apply for a J1 visa, the cost of which is not included in the trip cost.