The FJL Story: JAcademy London Internship

This week, Forum for Jewish Leadership launched its 6th installment of the JAcademy: FJL London Internship. In partnership with the Ronald S. Lauder Foundation, a group of Jewish university students hailing from countries across Europe, will spend 4 weeks immersed in professional development opportunities, whilst cultivating a passion for Jewish leadership and Jewish values.

During the weeks of the program, the students are matched with companies in London, serving as interns and gain valuable work experience for their future careers. The current participants will be interning at: Patron Capital, Wham, Intu, Henry Jackson Society, The Athenaeum Hotel London, among other settings.

During the evenings and weekends, the participants are exposed to top politicians, business leaders, and Jewish educators where they engage in conversation, debate, and text study, taking a deep dive into topics such as: Balancing the pursuit of an ambitious career together with building a traditional Jewish home, antisemitism and assimilation in the 21st century, and leadership in the form of giving, volunteering, and taking responsibility.

Here is how past FJL-JAcademy participant, Sarita Guindi (Spain) summed up her experience:

The opportunity of meeting amazing people full of wisdom and knowledge is fully appreciated. It is something that we don’t take for granted and I want to let you know that I feel lucky of having this opportunity. The way everyone lives and how they bring Judaism into their day to day life is inspiring.
FJL Reception with Ambassador Regev in 2017

Here is a sampling of some of the events planned for the program:

An evening of politics, leadership, and the Jewish community at the Parliament of the United Kingdom with Members of Parliament: Ian Austin, Ruth Smeeth, Joan Ryan, Louise Ellman, and Ivan Lewis.

A gathering will be held to discuss issues facing Israel and Diaspora Jewry with Ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom Mark Regev.

Sophisticated Jewish Thought classes on Jewish values and modern-day issues will be presented by world-renowned educators: Rebbetzen Ilana Epstein, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Daniel Rowe, Mrs. Shalvie Friedman and Rabbi Naftali Schiff, among others.

Finally, the participants are offered numerous opportunities to engage with lay leaders and members of Jewish communities throughout London through panel events, dinners, socials, and Shabbat hospitality.

Exciting times at FJL as a new cadre of future Jewish leaders embarks on a journey of learning, growth, and a future of responsibility and giving to the Jewish people and the world at large!

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