The FJL Story: Hotel, Private Equity, and Marketing Internships

I feel like I've learned something new every single day ~ Ethan B.

Ethan Bendahan grew up in Madrid, Spain. He is currently in the final months of the JAcademy gap-year program, primarily centered in Berlin, with a number of months spent in New York City, Jerusalem and London.

The London program, in partnership with the Forum for Jewish Leadership, combines internship experiences with sophisticated engagements of study and exposure with diplomats, educators, and business leaders.

At Intu, Ethan has partnered with company leaders in the area of customer loyalty, and has been given the responsibility and opportunity to research and present his findings at team meetings.

He attributes his experience in London to having a profound impact on feeling more, "prepared and confident to succeed in my next work experience beyond the program". Ethan has also pointed to the Jewish learning as providing a critical anchoring in both his personal and professional pursuits. "I consider my Jewish identity as my base, informing many of the decisions I make each day".


Here in London, the only difference between the Hilton, Sheraton, and Athenaeum Hotels... is you ~The Athenaeum GM in conversation with Jan L.

Jan Josef Laiter is feeling exhausted... but tremendously grateful for the incredible experience he has been granted while participating in the FJL London Internship. For nearly a month, Jan woke up at the crack of dawn to arrive at his 7:00am shift at the posh and luxurious Athenaeum Hotel, a 5-star all-in customer experience in the heart of Central London. Jan has had the opportunity to work in the reception and directly with the customers- showing rooms and addressing and tailoring to their needs and requests.

Jan hails from Magdeburg, Germany, and has spent the past year participating in the JAcademy gap-year program. His internship experience has taught him an extraordinary amount about customer satisfaction, attentiveness to detail, and most importantly, that he (Jan), brings unique talents to the hotel that nobody else can offer.

Jan has also enjoyed the nuanced and unparalleled Jewish classes and interactions with world-renowned personalities such as Rabbi Akiva Tatz. "For me, what is important is to take the Jewish experience into work- one presenter could be talking about Moses who lived thousands of years ago in Egypt and I can't see the point, but if you go deeper in those terms you can draw connections to your life"


Ben G. pictured on the Coca-Cola London Eye
It has been a very special experience, everyone is very friendly and willing to teach me something new ~ Benjamin G.

Benjamin Goltz lives in Berlin, Germany. A participant on the JAcademy gap-year program, Benjamin has thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the FJL London Internship. The opportunity to meet diplomats such as Ambassador Mark Regev, as well as engage with Jewish ideas from a variety of inspiring presenters, has opened his mind to new ways of thinking about his own Jewish identity.

Benjamin is an aspiring real estate entrepreneur and had the good fortune of spending a month at Patron Capital Partners, a "Western European private equity real estate fund representing approximately €3.4 billion of capital across several funds and related co-investments".

Ben was assigned to a team planning, researching, and analyzing investment opportunities and interests in his home country- Germany. Ben used his German mother tongue to contribute and play a key role in a number of exciting projects. "The leadership at Patron put their trust in me and encouraged me to offer my opinion and expertise on various matters".

Ben also noted how inspired he was by the numerous philanthropic endeavors and community projects supported by the firm. The entire front face of the office proudly displayed photos, awards, and letters of appreciation by the hundreds of initiatives Patron Capital has supported. "This experience exceeded my expectations, and I have gratitude for having been granted this opportunity".

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