Alumni Feature: Noemi Becher on Hanukkah and our Ideological Survival

By: Noemi Becher

Noemi (2nd from right in photo) grew up in Darmstadt, Germany and graduated from Goethe University Frankfurt. After completing the J Academy gap-year program in 2018-2019, Noemi moved to London and began working as a fixed income analyst at Bloomberg LP. In March-April of 2019, Noemi participated in the FJL London internship, working as an analyst at Windmill Hill Asset Management Ltd. Noemi is an active member of the FJL alumni community and wrote the following reflection on FJL's recent event:

On Monday December 16, 2019 FJL alumni came together for a pre-Hanukkah gathering that proved itself to be not just a wonderful possibility to reconnect, but also as an enriching and thought-provoking evening. Alex Evans, founder of the Collective Psychology Project, spoke about social trauma, political volatility and the polarization of society, presenting his project's approach to returning our society to a healthy democratic culture.

As we near the end of arguably one of the most politically volatile years of our lifetimes, reflecting on the uncertainty of our future becomes inevitable. What is left that unites us rather than polarizing even more and driving us further apart? And if what's left is not enough, what is it that we can do to innovate and question the status quo? At the moment, it may seem like there are more questions than answers.

But what better lesson to draw from than that of Hanukkah? In times when ideological survival is threatened and there is simply not enough light left to draw from, there is always room for a small miracle such as the miracle of Hanukkah that can change the course of history. And that potential for change lives within each and every one of us.

So let us all tap into our own potential, the light within, and continue making the world around us a bit brighter and better.

Chag sameach, and thank you for such a wonderful event.

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