FJL Tel Aviv Summer Internship

at outstanding placements in a variety of sectors


by living in the Tel Aviv area and enjoying all it has to offer


the latest developments in Israeli innovation


in a thought-provoking FJL seminar series


with world leading professionals and entrepreneurs



Frequently Asked Questions

Where do participants intern?

Internships are available in a variety of sectors including business, finance, law, media, journalism, politics, hi-tech, medicine and NGOs (please see Intern Hosts above). All of these will be based in the Tel Aviv area and are an ideal opportunity to build your CV and create a prestigious experience to aid future job applications.

What does an internship entail?

Each internship varies. In general terms, interns might be tasked with working on a team, research, fact-checking and editing, attending meetings, as well as administrative tasks and further exposure to the workings of the firm and its dealings with clients. Ultimately, the internship gives one a sense of ‘how Tel Aviv works’ and constitutes a great networking opportunity; by adapting fast, participants can learn more and secure influential contacts for the future.

What else does the FJL Tel Aviv Internship offer aside from work placements?

In addition to the valuable internship placement, the program includes a seminar series, bringing participants face-to-face with high-profile figures from the banking and finance world, politicians, policy-makers, Jewish educators and communal leaders. Throughout the program on non-internship days, the group will travel around Israel making the most of all the country has to offer. See sample itinerary above.

What is the Jewish content of the FJL Tel Aviv Internship?

The Jewish educational component involves seminars, presentations and interactive group-based discussions which will address key issues associated with Jewish philosophy and topics of contemporary significance, including the interaction of Jewish ethics, public policy, business and finance. The Jewish education is led by our in-house teachers, as well as renowned business and political leaders from the Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Area.

Are there expectations in terms of religious observance during the FJL Tel Aviv Internship?

This program is designed for all Jewish students regardless of religious beliefs or levels of observance. We will spend Shabbat together as a group which will include a Friday night service and group meals, but there are no expectations of anyone in terms of their own observance beyond that.

What do participants do in the evenings?

On most days after work, there is some group activity or seminar accompanied by dinner. On the other nights and after the group activities which will usually be finished by 9:00pm, participants are free to spend their evenings as they wish - enjoying some down time, hanging out with friends or exploring all that Tel Aviv has to offer.

Is there any free time during the program?

In addition to the above, typically the internships will take place Monday through Thursday, and Friday/Sunday will be split with one day free and one day of programming. Out of the eight weekends on the program, you will be free for at least two of them. On the Shabbats with formal programming these will contain group meals, and seminars but also a fair amount of free time. Participants will also have the opportunity to take part in an Onward Israel Shabbat with students from other programs.

Is it possible to participate on The FJL Tel Aviv Internship if I will need to miss any part of the program?

Unfortunately, we can only offer places on the program subject to full participation on both the internship itself and the accompanying evening and weekend seminar series. The internship placements are relatively short as it is and, as a result, it is simply not possible for us to secure placements in the event of someone needing to miss any part of the program due to other commitments during the dates of the Program.

How much does the FJL Tel Aviv Internship cost?

$599* airfare not included. *This is a subsidised price and includes accommodation, shabbatons, travel cards in Tel Aviv and activities. The real cost of the programme is circa $7,000 but all students will receive an automatic scholarship. FJL is committed to providing access to those with leadership potential regardless of background and therefore further need based scholarships are available upon request.

Are there any other costs associated with the FJL Tel Aviv Summer Internship?

Yes. Outside of official programming (when food will be provided), you will have the opportunity to live as an Israeli – shopping and potentially cooking for yourself (subject to availability of cooking facilities). In addition, you will need to pay for your own transport outside of your travel card in Tel Aviv.

Where will participants be staying?

You will be staying in Tel Aviv.

Who is eligible for this program?

Applications are open to all Jewish students studying in the USA or Canada - who have completed at least one year of university. FJL is aimed at hardworking, ambitious students who are passionate about making the most of themselves and the world around them. Students should be ready and committed to engage in the unique opportunities on the program.

What should my CV include?

A CV should be no more than one page and include a broad overview of all educational achievements and relevant work experience to date, with a brief description of the nature of such work and the skills it developed. Please note that we will be forwarding your CV to our internship hosts, and that, by applying, you agree to your CV being shared with relevant third parties. We will not share your CV or application details with anyone not directly involved in the application process.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications close in March 2022 Please note that competition for placements is intense and places are allocated on a rolling basis. Therefore early applications are advised.

How does the application process work?

Once we have received your application and deposit (which will be refundable up to the point you are accepted onto the program), you will be invited to an interview where you can ask further questions about the program and discuss your expectations for an internship.

What is the selection process to be accepted onto the program?

Our trips are highly oversubscribed and therefore unfortunately there will be candidates who would have been accepted, but are not purely due to lack of space. Beyond that we look to identify who will gain most from FJL programming and who will be inclined to stay involved with us in the future, as well as who identifies with what we stand for. Despite not being able to offer trips for everyone, our alumni programming, which is highly regarded, is open to all and several of our most involved alumni did not attend these internship programs previously.

Will we have to have a negative Covid test or proof that we have had the Covid vaccine?

This will depend on the Israeli Government rules at the time of travel.

Will we have to quarantine when entering Israel?

This is dependent on Israeli Government rules at the time of travel. If necessary, the internships and programming will be remote until the quarantining period is over.

What alternative plans are in place in the event that the trip cannot go ahead because of Covid 19 travel restrictions?

The trip will be converted to a remote program with remote internships and programming. The cost of the remote program will be $599 (subject to change) established if and when the trip does not go ahead, and you will be refunded any payments you have made above this price.

How is the work structured during a remote internship?

Each participant is paired with a supervisor who will oversee the work experience at the company. The supervisor will schedule weekly or bi-weekly calls with the participant in addition to communicating the work and projects for the upcoming week. Most of the work in the remote internship is completed during hours set by the participant. The number of working hours per week will vary by internship but one can expect 10+ hours per week of assigned work.

What kind of work does a remote internship entail?

Each internship varies. In general terms, participants might be tasked with working on a team, research, fact-checking and editing, content creation, brief preparation, attending meetings, as well as administrative tasks and further exposure to the workings of the firm and its dealings with clients. Ultimately, the internship gives one a sense of ‘how the working world works’ and constitutes a great networking opportunity; by adapting fast, participants can learn more and secure influential contacts for the future.

What is the time period of the remote internship?

The remote internship begins with the opening of the program. If a participant desires to commence their remote internship before the start of the program or to extend beyond the program, this allowance will be granted at the discretion of the company, FJL, and the participant.

What if I don’t want to do a remote internship?

The remote program will be optional. In the event that you choose not to participate, you will be given a full refund (less a small administration charge of $100).

Will I be eligible to apply for the 2023 program if I choose not to participate in a remote program?

As long as you are still at university, you will be eligible to apply for the 2023 program.

Do I need to have insurance to participate?

Yes, the insurance must include Covid coverage